John Jenkins
Keynote: “Inspired To Be GREAT! – The Be-Attitudes of Being Real: The Core Elements of SEL”

This closing keynote will inform, inspire, and engage attendees to use their experience at the institute to move their work from good to great. Building on the importance of relationships in promoting social and emotional learning skills, John will share the “Be-Attitudes” of Social and Emotional Learning, essential for learners and leaders of all ages:

  • Be Heard
  • Be Believed
  • Belong

Learning Session: “Tai-Chi Therapy Experience/JENKINS TECHNIQUE™”: This is an interactive detailed follow-up to the luncheon teaser. Participants will experience and learn useful tools for their lesson plans and daily interactions with ‘tomorrow’s leaders’ (our students). This is ideal for personal and professional wellness.


About John 

jenkinsMr. Jenkins is an accomplished: author, educator, trainer, leader, and national public speaker Our presenter has more than 35 years of successful experience in promoting personal and professional development. He has lectured and trained throughout the U.S., Japan, and the People’s Republic of China.

From the toughest neighborhoods in Newark, New Jersey to becoming an historically elected leader in Maine, the arc of Mr. Jenkins’ life includes:

  • Professional Services: Founder/President: JENKINS TECHNIQUE™ – Tailored Wellness for Balance In & Of Life
  • Creator/Presenter: SAFE Plan™: Effective risk reduction strategies for all ages & abilities
  • Notary Nuptials™: Specialized services for weddings, notary, and official documentation
  • com™: Tailored service-leadership seminars for learners & leaders of all ages & abilities